Vision and values


1. We want your child to feel here like at home. It is possible thanks to our warm homely atmosphere full of joy and respect for each other.

2. We take care of the ongoing and individualised development of your child. We believe in learning through play and fun!

3. Our setting is safe and well equipped both indoors and outdoors.

4. We work individually with your child. We look carefully at your child’s personal likes and dislikes, and we respect your child's unique character and temperament.

5. We respect British Values and we will prepare your child for school. Additionally, in partnership with parents/carers we will teach your child about the country of his/her origin and about the culture of the country from where your child comes from.

6. We value diversity and equality. Colourful Childcare is a place for everyone. 


Children who are under our care:

- have healthy and high self-esteem

- gain independence

- respect others – their appearance, religion and culture

- know how to communicate with peers and with adults

- are well mannered and know basic manners

- see beauty about them and are creative

- are able to express their emotions and needs in an appropriate way

- are disciplined, recpect their friends and adults